MayaDate is a little program that will show you what today's date (or any other date) corresponds to on the Mayan calendar. It runs on PalmOS 2.0 and higher.

New: MayaDate now supports the HandEra 330's larger screen resolution and minimisable grafitti area. See the screenshots at the bottom of this page.

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Version Zip tar.gz PRC size Changes
0.95 mayadate-0.95.tar.gz 46k Added functions to jump to next/previous instance of Haab date or Tzolkin date. Wrote new date selector, which handles stuff that Palm's date selector messes up on. Cleaned up some bad pointer programming I put in. Changed buttons on the main form to clickable fields, cleaning up the diaplay some. Added a preference to use BC instead of negative years. Added navigation by Tzolkin and Haab dates. HandEra 330 support -- higher resolution glyphs and icons, and support for the minimisable grafitti area (the Long Count is represented in mayan numerals the new area revealed. (This requires an extra 119k database.)
0.9 mayadate-0.9.tar.gz 35k Changed forward/backward screen buttons to repeating buttons. Added hardware pageup/pagedown button support (backwards and forwards a day respectively.) Added controls for selecting a date by Julian day or by Long Count. Fixed some minor calculation bugs which wouldn't have shown up until you could get to them with the LC and Julian day selectors. Fixed the slight flicker effect created by the redraw routines. Hacked the SelectDay gregorian date selector to support negative years, mostly.
0.8.1 mayadate-0.8.1.tar.gz 29k The "Boy, that was dumb" release. Fixed an error in the glyphs, which resulted in the glph for Pop being used for Yax, and all months from Zac - Uayeb using the glyph for the previous month. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Ah well, it's fixed.
0.8 mayadate-0.8.tar.gz 30k Changed the format of the displayed Gregorian date to reflect the system preference (this has the side effect of localizing the date; for example, if you have a Japanese OS, it displays the date in Japanese). Cleaned up bitmaps of glyphs. Fixed typos in information files.
0.7 mayadate-0.7.tar.gz 32k Added saved preference to use the older 584283 correlation. Added menu option to copy Mayan date to clipboard. Made fix to graphic for '2'. Cleaned up b&w icon, made color icon. Minor tweak to Long Count display.
0.6 mayadate-0.6.tar.gz 30k Changed UI, larger and cleaner glyphs, displays current day on startup. Probably some other stuff.
0.5 mayadate-0.5.tar.gz 26k Initial release.

MayaDate is made available under the GNU Public License.

For those of you with wireless PalmOS devices or poor archive utilities, here is the latest PRC file.

HandEra 330 screens

The new date selector.

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