Taper's Page of Wax Mayhem

Welcome to one's world!

Sailor Anvil! A crossover between the worlds of Animaniacs and Sailor Moon. And one wrote it.

The Taper FAQ The frequently asked questions about one. (Yes, all of these have been asked, and some even frequently.)

Pictures! Pictures of some of Taper's forms, and even one of some human.

Where am I? A neat little thing to show you where on earth you are.

The Random Nuclear Holocaust Generator A silly program based on a discussion in Douglas Hofstadter's Metamagical Themas.

The Program Notes to American Pie A complete guide to the symbolism of Don McLean's song.

One's BookstoreNo banner ads, no silly links... just the books one recommends, and you can buy them here!

One's Library The books in one's personal library! And you can buy your own copies, too.

One's resume Hire one! Please!

Animaniacs and #watertower links

Andrew Mutchler's Cartoons The drawings of the Kinky Turtle!

It's Time For Animaniacs! Neuracnu Coyote's page of #watertower related stuff.

Computing links

Eric Raymond's Home Page He of the Jargon file and neat stuff.

And speaking of which, one's got a local mirror of The Jargon File right here, for your entertainment and edification.

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