AM Broadcast Station Counts

AM Stations, sorted by country

1FAFalkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
2SBSt. Pierre and Miquelon
2VIBritish Virgin Islands
4FGFrench Guiana
4TDTrinidad and Tobago
6CJCayman Islands
6SCSt. Christopher and Nevis
7ACAntigua and Barbuda
8TKTurks and Caicos Islands
8VCSt. Vincent and the Grenadines
12STSt. Lucia
14BFThe Bahamas
24NANetherlands Antilles
98CSCosta Rica
124ESEl Salvador
466DRDominican Republic
10523USUnited States

AM Stations, sorted by frequency then country

5301313 CA
54015449 US34 BR18 CA15 MX8 AR5 CU4 CI4 DR4 VE2 CO
55015859 US29 MX21 BR16 CA4 CI4 CU4 PA2 BL2 CO2 EC
56014959 US22 BR20 MX14 CA12 AR5 CU4 DR2 CO2 EC2 GY
56711 US
57015244 US29 MX23 BR11 CA9 CU6 ES4 CI4 DR2 CO2 CS
58016457 US30 MX23 CA22 BR9 CU6 AR2 BL2 CO2 EC2 GT
59017358 US25 BR25 MX14 CA8 CU6 AR6 CI4 DR4 EC4 HO
60014961 US29 MX18 BR14 CA9 CU4 CI2 CO2 ES2 GT2 NS
61016258 US24 CA22 MX21 BR8 CU3 HO2 BL2 CI2 CO2 CS
61211 US
62016466 US22 MX18 BR8 AR8 CA8 CU4 CI4 DR4 HO4 PE
63017259 US26 MX24 BR23 CA9 CU8 AR4 DR4 VE2 CI2 CO
64012738 US22 BR22 MX10 CA5 CU4 AR4 CI2 BL2 CO2 CS
64811 US
65011627 BR25 MX17 US15 CA8 CU4 DR4 PE3 HO2 CO2 EC
66013132 BR32 US29 MX7 CA4 CU3 DR2 CO2 EC2 GT2 HA
67013550 BR17 US15 MX12 AR11 CU7 CA4 DR4 HO4 PE2 CO
68016349 US26 MX22 BR19 CU12 CA8 HO4 AR4 CI4 DR2 BL
69015154 US28 BR23 MX11 CA4 AR4 CI4 CU4 DR3 EC3 HO
70012026 US17 MX16 CA10 BR10 CU6 CI4 AR4 CO4 DR3 HO
71015947 US37 MX28 BR15 CA9 CU8 AR3 HO2 CO2 EC2 GT
72012924 US21 BR19 MX8 AR8 CA8 CU8 ES4 DR4 EC2 BL
73017678 US30 BR13 MX12 CA6 AR6 CI4 BL4 CU4 DR2 CO
74018272 US34 MX24 BR10 AR10 CA6 CU4 CO4 HO4 PA3 EC
75013231 US26 BR26 MX17 CA8 CU4 DR2 AR2 CO2 EC2 JM
76011733 US27 MX21 BR9 CA4 CU3 DR2 CO2 CS2 EC2 GY
77013137 US33 MX28 BR6 HO5 CU3 DR2 CA2 CI2 CO2 EC
78014234 MX26 BR23 US10 ES9 CA6 AR5 CU4 CO4 DR2 BL
790231102 US39 BR30 MX19 CA14 AR4 CU4 DR2 BL2 CO2 EC
80016168 US23 CA12 MX10 CU8 AR8 BR7 HO5 PE2 BL2 CI
80111 US
81014445 MX39 US22 BR6 CU5 CA5 EC4 BF4 ES2 BL2 GL
82017842 BR38 MX25 US15 CU12 CA10 CI6 AR4 DR3 EC2 BL
83017542 BR40 US27 MX18 AR15 CA5 EC4 CU4 DR4 HO4 PE
84016236 US31 MX30 CA22 BR10 CU6 AR4 CI4 DR2 CO2 GT
85016261 US34 BR26 MX13 CA9 CU5 EC2 CO2 CS2 GT2 NU
86019593 US38 MX9 CA8 CU8 DR6 AR6 BR5 HO4 EC2 BL
87014236 US29 BR29 MX21 CA9 CU3 EC2 AR2 CO2 CS2 ES
88014254 US36 MX8 CA8 CU6 AR6 BR4 DR3 HO2 CI2 CO
89015549 US29 MX24 BR9 CA6 AR6 CI5 CU4 DR3 EC3 HO
900242115 US33 BR20 CA15 MX12 AR8 CI6 CU4 BL4 CO4 DR
910211109 US31 BR15 MX10 AR8 CU7 CA5 EC4 DR3 CO2 BH
920261115 US51 MX27 CA18 BR15 CU5 EC4 AR4 CI4 CO4 DR
930259110 US47 BR33 MX12 CA12 CU7 ES6 CI6 EC4 DR2 BH
93611 US
94014374 US13 MX12 CU8 CA4 AR4 CO4 HO4 PE3 CI3 EC
950250113 US48 MX28 BR14 CA14 CU8 AR6 EC6 HO4 DR2 CO
96023197 US40 MX21 BR13 CA13 CU6 AR4 BL4 CI4 DR4 EC
970268119 US39 MX36 BR13 CU11 CA9 EC8 AR8 CI4 CO4 VE
980217119 US39 MX12 CA7 CU6 CI6 HO5 DR4 AR4 CO4 PE
990226104 US40 MX22 BR15 CU12 CA10 AR5 EC4 VE3 PE2 CO
100013341 US33 MX12 CU7 CA4 AR4 BR4 CO4 DR4 EC4 VE
101022899 US39 MX24 BR12 CO11 CA8 EC6 HO4 AR4 CU4 DR
102019039 US38 BR34 MX15 CU12 CA10 CO10 EC6 AR4 UY4 VE
103020163 US38 MX32 BR14 CU9 CA8 CI7 EC6 CO4 DR4 HO
104015151 US36 MX15 CA8 CO7 CU4 AR4 DR4 EC4 HO4 VE
1050247135 US22 MX18 BR14 CA14 CO9 ES8 CU5 EC4 DR4 VE
105311 US
106016160 US34 BR11 MX9 CU6 CO5 CA5 DR4 EC4 PE4 VE
107018755 US38 BR37 MX10 CU8 AR7 HO6 EC4 CA4 CO4 DR
108021765 US42 BR39 MX12 CO8 CU7 PE6 AR5 EC4 CI4 ES
109019660 US39 MX34 BR8 CO8 CU7 CI6 CA6 EC6 VE4 BL
110016135 US25 MX17 DR12 CA10 BR10 CO9 PE8 CU5 EC4 BL
111019062 US40 BR32 MX14 CO12 CA6 AR4 CU4 EC4 VE3 DR
112016943 US36 MX26 BR11 CA9 CU7 EC6 AR6 CO4 PE3 DR
113016669 US23 MX20 BR10 CO6 CU6 HO4 AR4 DR4 EC4 ES
114019158 US38 BR22 MX12 CA12 CO9 EC8 CU7 PE4 DR4 HO
1150254140 US40 MX17 CA10 BR8 CO7 AR5 CU5 EC4 DR4 VE
116019152 US37 BR23 MX12 CO8 AR6 BL6 CA6 EC6 HO4 CI
117018856 US40 MX34 BR16 CO8 EC6 AR5 CU4 CA4 VE2 DR
118015151 US24 BR21 MX10 EC9 CU8 CA8 CO4 DR4 VE2 CS
119019669 US41 MX36 BR10 CO9 CU6 AR4 CA4 DR4 VE3 EC
120021363 US38 MX16 CA12 BR12 CO8 AR8 BL8 CU8 DR7 EC
121020368 US40 BR20 MX12 CA8 CI8 CU6 CO6 UY4 AR4 DR
1220210120 US20 CA16 MX10 CO6 CI6 EC6 HO5 CU4 DR4 VE
1230329187 US34 CA28 BR19 MX12 CO10 CU8 AR7 EC5 DR4 PE
1240355178 US48 MX43 BR32 CA8 CO7 DR7 EC5 CI4 CU4 VE
1250308135 US51 MX38 BR16 BL13 CA10 CO6 CU6 HO5 EC4 AR
1260272141 US40 MX18 BR18 CO10 EC7 CA6 CI4 CU4 DR4 VE
1270315152 US43 BR41 MX12 CU9 CA8 CO8 DR8 PE6 CI4 AR
1280256138 US41 MX18 CA12 CO9 EC7 BR6 CI6 CU4 VE3 HO
1290255137 US30 BR18 MX14 CO11 DR10 CA10 CU7 EC4 UY4 VE
1300302154 US47 MX24 BR12 PE10 BL8 CO5 CA5 CU5 EC4 AR
1310292149 US43 MX34 BR12 CO12 DR9 CU8 CA6 AR4 EC4 HO
1320294148 US36 MX30 BR14 CO13 CA10 AR7 EC6 VE5 CU4 CI
1330274151 US37 MX34 BR8 CU6 CI6 CO6 EC6 VE2 AR2 BL
1340435201 US73 MX42 CA38 BR16 CO12 EC9 CU8 DR7 CI7 PE
1350298145 US36 MX26 BR23 CA16 CO9 CU8 CI7 EC6 DR5 PE
1360291157 US29 MX24 BR10 CA10 DR8 EC6 CU6 UY6 VE4 AR
1370301140 US40 MX32 BR12 CA12 CO8 DR8 EC8 PE6 HO6 UY
1380285144 US43 BR33 MX13 CO11 CA8 EC6 PE6 VE4 CU4 DR
1390279140 US40 BR38 MX10 AR8 CU7 EC6 CA6 CO6 VE4 BL
1400399198 US60 MX36 BR34 CA14 CO7 CI7 DR6 AR6 CU6 VE
1410320178 US29 MX28 BR14 DR13 CU12 EC8 CO7 CA4 AR4 CI
1420339167 US48 BR37 MX19 CA8 CI8 CU8 EC6 CO6 UY5 DR
142511 GL
1430325166 US50 MX32 BR18 AR16 CO6 VE5 CU4 BL4 CA4 DR
1440316147 US37 BR26 AR26 MX14 DR8 CA8 CO8 CU7 CI7 EC
1450455200 US94 BR62 MX17 CA14 AR9 CU8 BL8 CI8 CO7 DR
1460387169 US90 BR36 MX16 CO11 PE10 AR8 CA7 CI7 DR7 EC
1470353163 US76 BR39 MX20 AR12 CO8 CA6 DR6 EC5 CU5 PE
1480380176 US82 BR45 MX21 AR9 CA8 CO8 EC6 CI6 UY5 CU
1490440201 US68 BR55 MX28 CA16 AR12 DR10 CO10 CU8 BL7 EC
150022579 US52 BR25 MX12 AR9 DR8 CI8 CO8 CU6 EC3 CA
151028298 US75 BR25 AR25 MX11 EC8 CU7 PE6 CA6 CO6 UY
1520305117 US75 BR41 MX18 AR12 CO7 EC6 CI5 PE4 CU4 HO
153024085 US61 BR16 AR15 MX10 CO8 CI8 EC7 DR6 BL6 CA
1540288113 US53 BR49 MX18 AR8 EC6 CO6 PE6 UY5 CI4 CU
1550322158 US68 BR29 MX14 AR11 CU10 CO6 CI6 EC4 UY3 BL
1560288108 US63 BR40 MX14 AR13 CU10 CO9 EC8 DR6 CI6 UY
1570315159 US71 BR18 CA17 MX10 AR8 CI7 DR6 UY4 CO4 EC
1580324159 US57 BR33 MX12 AR10 CO9 EC8 CI8 UY6 CU5 CA
1590341198 US54 BR42 MX8 CI7 UY6 AR5 EC4 BL4 CU4 DR
1600287182 US49 MX16 AR8 CU7 CA7 CI6 UY4 EC4 HO3 DR
161075 US2 CA
16205252 US
16302222 US
16403636 US
16503232 US
16604545 US
16702626 US
16803535 US
16902828 US
17003838 US
2467010523 US3484 BR3480 MX1310 CA833 CU712 AR699 CO538 EC466 DR383 CI