Welcome to the Broadcast Station Location Page

The broadcast station location service allows you to find all the AM, FM, and TV broadcast stations in an area. Support for translators, repeaters, and a few other interesting things are either being developed or planned for the future. Stay tuned...

Location and Display Selection

Location can be a US city (Chicago) or city and state (Pasadena, Maryland), zip code (21122), station call sign (WRNR), or latitude and longitude (39n, 77w). If the location is omitted, a range of frequencies or channels must be entered below.

Display of the AM FM TV stations in the area.

Option Selections

Limit the search to stations within of here, keeping at most of the within the channel or frequency range
for stations meeting the above criteria, or the selections and start over.

Information about the Station Location Page

Documentation for the station location pages is available in both boring old mundane and exciting new zippyfied varieties, explaining

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