Locator Test Page

This page provides a simple test case for the Locator.pm Perl module.

Both location fields below will accept location specifications in any of several forms:

A search for both locations is performed. When searching for Location 1 the search is terminated at the first location found, with the search trace shown as an unnumbered HTML list. This is the normal case. When searching for Location 2 all search functions are run, and the search trace is displayed in plain text.

If both locations are found, an approximate great-circle distance between the two locations is calculated and displayed in several units of measure.

Location 1:
Location 2:

The Location.pm was written by:

John Kodis, who will gladly receive comments, criticisms, bug reports, enhancement requests, suggestions, and anything else sent to

You can examine the source code: if you think that you might find the Perl Locator.pm module useful, you can download a copy.

Last updated Monday, 1998 November 2.