Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction

Hullo all, this is my rather unstylish little fanfiction page. Nothing too original in the layout or anything like that, but that's not why you're here (I hope, anyway). Below are some links to fanfics that I've written. There are now two of them! I recently finished Symmetry, which can be accessed from the fanfic section.



I'm Richard, 21-year-old college student, nice to meet you, and I'm relatively new to the crazy world of Ranma 1/2. Before January 1999 I'd never actually seen any of the anime or read any of the manga, but on a trip to the states I had the chance to watch some and was instantly hooked. Great stuff. Since then I've decided to try my hand at some fanfiction. The first story I wrote, called "Dew on the Grass" was released in April 1999 and seemed to be well received, picking up second place in the Oneshot category in the Best of Ranma Fanfiction awards for that month, an achievement which I'm very proud of and very happy about! If you like you can email me about my stories or about anything else here.

My Fanfiction

Here's my fanfic. It's a pretty small collection right now, but it will hopefully grow in size soon with the release of the sequel to Dew on the Grass, and if college life and other such things don't take up too much of my time, I'll expand it with some other fanfics after that.




Dew on the Grass Ranma's stuck in his headblow-induced female personality after the events of "Am I... Pretty?". The female personality, calling herself Ranko, has to learn how to deal with Ranma's life. It's a strange world to be in, but maybe she'll find support - and perhaps more - from an unexpected corner.
Symmetry (Dew on the Grass 2) Things didn't work out so cleanly after the events of Dew on the Grass after all. Ranma and Ranko must come to terms with the nature of their existence and find a way to deal with it. Are they going to have to fight each other or will a compromise be possible?

Yeah, I know this is Akari and not Ranko, but she looks pretty darn similar to Ranko with long hair, and the kimono just sold me on it (read Symmetry if you're wondering why Ranko is wearing a kimono!).