One in anthro wolf form!

Click on the picture for a larger version of the pic.

The Taperlass pic Art by the Kinky Turtle.

A sketch of 'specially one's hair. By KT.

One wearing one's torc. By KT.

One, side view. By KT.

Bosommouse! By KT.

Plucky and Dot tango, while one looks on, thoroughly evilled and filled with sexual frustration. By KT.

One with wings! By KT.

One's birthday card from David! By David Swift.

One in a kind of peculiar swimsuit, inspired by Tenchi Muyo. Art by KT.

A very nice pic of one. Art by Okkay Warner.

One with a pocket watch. Art by KT.

One's back. Art by KT.

One climbing out of the pool after skinny-dipping. Contains nudity. By KT.

Taper Wickel
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